We have the most comprehensive and accurate data on school music, theatre, and dance programs in existence.

We know which schools have which programs and who is teaching them.


  • Concert Band
  • Marching Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Orchestra
  • Mariachi
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Color Guard
  • Winter Guard


  • Choir
  • Show Choir
  • Women’s Choir
  • Men’s Choir
  • Jazz Choir
  • Acapella Choir

Other Music

  • Music Dept Chairs
  • District Supervisors
  • General Classroom Music
  • Keyboard
  • Music Theory
  • Guitar

Theatre & Dance

  • Drama/Theatre
  • Dance Class

Over 120,000 K-12 schools
Nearly 16,000 districts


Over 300,000 individual programs
Over 20 unique types of programs


Over 130,000 teachers
Over 75,000 email addresses



Whether you need a simple list or a targeted multi-channel campaign, MTD is here to help with services such as:

  • Direct mail lists
  • Email marketing services
  • Marketing consultations
  • Full data licenses

MTD Research - Marketing Photo

MTD Research - Research Photo


Are there questions about the school performing arts market that you’re dying to have answered?

With our comprehensive data on schools, programs and teachers, MTD is able to get answers to many of your burning questions.

Maybe you want to survey educators on brand preferences… or understand buying patterns for specific products and services. Work with MTD to conduct custom research and deepen your understanding of the school market.


Do you need help refining your marketing strategy?

Consulting with us will give you clarity on how to best communicate with your lists, attack your target markets with maximum efficiency, and learn how your data can be used as a powerful marketing weapon.

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MTD Research - Analytics Photo


What type of school is most likely to work with you, and why?

How can you target the right schools with your marketing?

Analytics give you a better understanding of the school performing arts world, as well as a better understanding of your own business.

Using your customer and sales data, MTD tailors an analytics package to fit your specific needs, creating analytical models that pair your existing data with our comprehensive dataset of school performing arts programs & teachers.