MTD’s analytics offerings will help you gain a better understanding of your current school customers and will aid you in discovering new markets and school business to pursue.

What types of schools are your best customers?
With analytics, you can discover identifying factors in schools that yield the most revenue.

What types of schools are your best prospects?
Based on a deeper understanding of your current school customers, you can use analytics to find similar schools that are likely to become high-dollar clients.

Who is worth engaging and who is not?
Marketing is expensive and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be better to understand what types of schools won’t do business with you so you can instead focus on prospects with high revenue potential?

Through the exploratory analytics process, you will be able to make more confident decisions about your business and you will see significantly higher ROI from marketing.

Want to see our analytics services at work? Explore our sample analysis below!

Analytics Pricing

Analytics Starter Package

Never used analytics before? A starter package is a great way to dive in! Here’s what’s included:

  • File Prep/Formatting
  • Demographic analysis of your current school clients
  • Geographic analysis of your current school clients
  • Analysis of favorability with other school markets/segments
  • Written Executive Summary of all findings and conclusions
  • Interactive online access for 1 month

A La Carte Pricing

Want to work with MTD to design a custom analytics package? Want to dive deeper into analytics after purchasing a starter package? Take a look at our a la carte services:

  • Analytics Work - $175/hr with a data license or $250/hr without a data license
  • Data Processing and Cleanup - $95/hr.
  • Interactive online access - $100/month
It’s scary what one doesn’t know about one’s own marketing/sales triumphs – as well as black holes – until MTD provides their analytical feedback.
Our work with MTD is one of the greatest investments we have made – worth every cent. They are good people who get to understand your business and work with you on growth strategies. Can’t recommend them more highly.
Every company involved in information dissemination needs MTD to analyze their work, suggest strategies, provide complementary data bases and assist with the distribution.