Marching Band, Colorguard, Winterguard – Patterns by Climate

Recently, MTD analyzed the impact of average temperature on the existence of marching band, colorguard, and winterguard programs in K-12 schools.

The view below is a simple display of our findings.

It’s easy to see the change in average temperatures by geography. Northern states tend to be cooler, southern states tend to be hotter. By comparing the temperature gradient to the dots on the map, we can quickly identify patterns by program.

For marching band, the highest presence of programs is found in the middle of the country. States like Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin have the greatest percentages of schools with marching bands. These states tend to be slightly on the cooler end of the temperature spectrum. As we look south, the presence of programs decreases dramatically. Simultaneously, the average temperature increases.

In regards to colorguard, we tend to see higher program concentration in slightly warmer climates. Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama all have higher presence of colorguard programs, and there is still a decent concentration in Midwestern states. If we look towards the northern states, the presence of programs is reduced to almost nothing.

Finally, let’s look at winterguard. Immediately, we can see huge presence in California, Nevada, and Arizona. In addition, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois also display a good concentration of programs. Winterguard seems to be practically non-existent in very cold states such as Montana and North Dakota.