Unlimited Outbound Marketing

Having a data license gives the ability to do unlimited outbound marketing to the contact data during the term of the license.

Direct Mail

Email Prospecting


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Import Data Into Your CRM

With a data license you can also import data straight into your own CRM.

Having our data in your CRM means you’ll more easily be able to qualify prospects and generate leads. You’ll have contextual information on clients and prospects at your fingertips!

Hundreds of Data Points

You’ll have access to over 100 data points on schools, programs, and educators.

  Teacher Name

All Positions They Teach

School Name

School Mailing Address

School Physical Address

School Phone

Exact School Grade Span

School Affiliate (Public, Catholic, Lutheran, etc.)

School Enrollment

Average Household Income at the School’s Location

Related District Data

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Custom Research

You can also conduct custom research with a data license.

You’re able to easily survey different markets and gain feedback directly from educators.

Discounted Analytics Work

License holders can conduct analytics work at a discounted rate of $175/hr.

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By marrying your sales/customer data to the related MTD data on schools and teachers, you can gain deeper insight into the types of schools and teachers doing business with you.

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